Your emergency kit is empowerment

What happens when …

… your delivery driver drops the wrong case of wine at the wrong account? A case of wine very important to an event that evening.

… one of your servers spills wine all over an impeccably dressed guest out for a night on the town with her friends?

… the very important wine by the glass at your top account is suddenly out of stock?

… one of your best customers slips on the floor in your shop and twists her ankle?

It’s tempting to put all of these under the category of “emergency” but in reality each example is pretty predictable. It will happen at some point.

What’s your plan? 

Or a better question: are your people empowered to make the corrections necessary to make sure it will be alright? 

If your people are not empowered to do whatever they need to do to satisfy the customer, that’s when the problems really begin.

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