What is Libation Coach?

What is Libation Coach?

Libation Coach brings consistent, accountable, efficient, and affordable web-based staff training to restaurants, retailers, sales professionals, and wineries. 

We believe that staff training should be the number one priority for those in the beverage and hospitality industry, and we are here to help.

Through carefully designed courses and lessons, along with quizzes and the ability to track the progress of individuals on your team, Libation Coach gives you the ability to onboard faster, increase employee satisfaction, and grow your staff like never before.

Decades of experience has gone into Libation Coach, including 20+ years of on-premise training (diners to five star destinations), retail shops, wholesale teams, winery tasting rooms, importers, and more.

One low monthly fee gives your entire staff access to our core courses and modules and testing, plus group leaders and managers have access to all reporting and transcripts. It’s a solution to a complex problem, and without a doubt the most cost-effective way to streamline your staff beverage training. 

Do you have multiple locations? We set up each location individually so the manager tracks only their team, increasing use of the platform and accountability, but we can add top-level owners and managers to oversee all operations with one click.

Male sommelier open wine bottle with corkscrew.

We can design custom courses, lessons, and quizzes specifically for your establishment!

Not only do we offer access for your whole team to all of our core content, but we can also develop custom courses, lessons, and quizzes.

Do you have a craft cocktail program or a site-specific wine program? We can build lessons with your beverage manager stepping through all of your cocktails and how to describe and sell them. Once the lessons are posted, the beverage manager no longer needs to block hours out of their week to continuously train new hires, plus the messaging is more consistent.

Best of all, managers and owners can follow each employee’s progress and hold them accountable for learning the content.

Custom content is available on a per-course design fee, but once completed, the course added to your core package with no additional monthly charges.

Best of all? You can use our platform for any custom training you wish, from owners conveying the mission statement to the chefs outlining the key aspects of the dishes. The possibilities are limitless.


Who’s behind Libation Coach?


Libation Coach was founded by sommelier and wine educator Jason Kallsen, founder of Twin Cities Wine Education and The Wine Workshop

After over twenty five years of teaching the staff at restaurants, retailers, wineries, and wholesalers how to communicate and appreciate wine, he started to develop the core idea behind Libation Coach: easily accessible, consistent, accurate, and accountable online beverage education that can streamline and accelerate the learning process for all levels of the industry.

While the core customers for Libation Coach are restaurants, retailers, wholesalers/sales reps, importers, and wineries, our courses are also available for curious individuals that want to grow in their beverage knowledge.


Jason Kallsen, founder of Libation Coach