Wine Pros: Attitude

Wine sales amateurs bring their life and emotions into the sales call.

The crappy night of sleep. The bills that are piling up. The internal issues at their company. The mud being thrown on the street about competitors (and about them). The dinner they had last night. The fact that sales are down.

Wine professionals don’t do that.

Wine professionals focus on the customer. They always come with a positive attitude. They look for problems to help solve. They talk about the benefits and features of a wine. They share. They educate. They help the client laugh and have a better day than she might have had otherwise. They help.

A simple difference between the wine sales amateur and the wine sales pro: who is the sales call about? You or them?

Another way of looking at this: the best live musical acts step up to the moment and consistently deliver a top grade show. That is how they get the audience to reinvest in them the next time they are in town. Think of sales success as you client reinvesting in you. Step up to the mic and blow that room away.

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