Wine for customers, or customers for wine?

Which direction are you going?

Are you finding a wine for your customers, or are you finding customers for your wine?

This is one of the big questions, for it shows the intention of the business and at the same time dictates how a sales call should and will proceed.

If you are a wholesaler, do you pick the wine first then figure out the customers that should have that wine? Or do you start with the customer, listen to what she says, then find a wine to fit?

If you are a restaurant, do you listen to the customer requests and bend the ordering in certain directions? Or do you put a few ounces of something new in front of them and say “we chose this for you.”

If you are a wine retailer, do you seek what others are looking for (possibly because of scores or press) or do you build a section called “awesome wines that we think you will love.

Things to think about for sure.

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