Wine Connections

As a wholesale rep, retailer, or restaurant, you have a customer base.

That base is composed of fans of your work, your wines, your food, and your energy.

Think about that base, and some of the individuals that are in it. Certain buyers for certain accounts, customers that regularly attend your tastings, the regulars that are always interested in what’s new on the menu.

Here’s a new goal: bring some of them together. They have much in common but might not know each other. Do this first and only to help them grow their network (professional or personal, it doesn’t matter). It might be two buyers from two accounts that know of each other but have never really sat down together. Maybe it’s a room of ten of your best retail customers, who all love the wines of the Rhône. Perhaps an exclusive invite for six cool regulars to have some free food as a thank you, together in one room.

If you are the connection point, the one that brought them together, you have magnified your imprint on their world and your business a hundred fold. It will eventually pay off in multitudes, just maybe not right away.

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