Where is your focus?

The sales rep that is looking at a year long projection and goal, and has a plan to try to get there by December 31st, is going to sell wine in a much different way than a rep with a quota on a brand for a week or a month.

A wine shop owner that has mapped out the categories for features and sales for the next three months is buying wine in a very different way than the shop owner who is trying to simply make payroll.

The restaurant that has a marketing budget and a marketing calendar approaches their social media with far more than yet another “Here’s tonight’s special! Come get it!” post on Facebook.

Your focus can be right in front of you, or it could be further down the road.

If you’re selling wine, you better know where your customer’s focus is.

And if you’re buying wine, it’s always good to know where your sales rep’s focus is.

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