What’s your one great talent?

We all have one.

The one talent that we can say with confidence “I’m better at that than most.”

When I was selling wine for a local fine wine wholesaler, I learned over time what my great talent was: dealing with problem customers. If somebody was pissed of, if they kicked out their previous sales rep, if they had a chip on their shoulder for the company I represented, I was really good at calming the waters and rebuilding the business.

There were plenty of other things I was not good at. Opening new accounts for one … I had no talent for coming in for a cold call and building from scratch. Others were far better at that than me.

But give me a burning building and I could put the fire out and fix it up pretty quickly.

So what is your one great talent?

Opening unsold accounts?

Training in new hires?

Building confidence of new buyers?

Restoring confidence of experienced buyers?

Re-engergizing the ‘old timer’ sales reps?

Getting by the glass placements?

Selling stacks to retailers?

Turning ships around?

Making ships go faster?

Finding reality in an ocean of bullshit?

Telling people about your one great talent is important. It’s about self-identity and finding a path through the weeds and woods of your sales job. It’s about making sure the managers know where to put your energy. It’s about discovering what makes your engine run.

What are you particularly good at? What have you proven through actions, not words, that you can brag about?

Okay then, start bragging a bit. It’s okay.

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