What is your job?

Is your job a marathon, ala one person putting long distance effort forward to achieve?

Or is your job a 100 meter sprint? One person bursting forth like Usain Bolt to set new records?

Or is your job a team effort with many matches, ala the World Cup?

Or is your job a single game in the end, once a year, the one with all the money and attention and glory, ala the Super Bowl?

Or is your job to fight like hell round after round, all the while you and your competition get weaker with every ring of the bell?

Or is your job to coach a team that has to function together or the whole system falls apart?

What your job is and what you are trying to achieve are two questions that rarely get asked. Trying to define what your job truly is can be terrifying, because maybe the truth is that your job is simply to make money for others. Asking yourself what you’re trying to achieve might result in a long silence because the big picture and big goals might be too far away from your view (or simply not in your pay grade).

Take the time to think about this. This is important and deep thinking stuff. Turn off the phone, get off the web, grab a coffee and a blank sheet of paper, and work on this. Two big questions.

What is your job?

What are you trying to achieve?


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