What is your job?

Give me the one sentence answer to this questions: What is your job?

“My job is to represent my brands to retailers and restaurants.”

“My job is to grow my account base and increase company revenue.”

“My job is to provide the ultimate in customer service.”

“My job is to show what truly great hospitality is all about.”

Sorry to tell you this, but you’re wrong.

If the pandemic is showing us anything, it’s showing us a truth: companies have cracks and when the cracks expand then cuts have to be made. A company’s first priority is the company, not you. The pandemic has thrown a ton of people, especially in the hospitality industry but also the wholesale wine industry, out of work. That’s an opportunity (once you shake off the dust and figure out a touch of financial stability) to figure out what to do next.

But here’s the challenge, and it involves a complete re-wiring of your attitude and how you answer the above question. It’s not easy, but if you do this I can guarantee you’ll be happier and richer. Seriously.

Ready? Here you go.

Forevermore, the answer to the question “What is your job?” is:

My job is to find the next job, which will be even better in all ways including pay.

This is the power of compound interest, but instead of applying to money it’s applied to your life. Start a new attitude, one that is always on the look out for the next opportunity and the next job.

Hard truth time: no matter how much of a superstar you are, no matter how big your territory is, no matter how much praise you get from management, their priority is the company, not you. So conversely, your priority should be you, and not the company.

Go back ten years. Or even five years. If every year from then on, like clockwork, you started a new job with 20% more pay and was more in tune with your life and goals and dreams, then where would have you ended up when the pandemic hit? (Note: the easiest way to get a raise is to change jobs, not beg to your current boss for another 2.4% on your paycheck.)

Your new job is to find the next job. Always be on the lookout. Figure out what you want. Move toward the goals. Don’t be complacent. Don’t assume whomever you work for really needs you. They don’t. You need yourself.

Prioritizing yourself is the best way to go forward.

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