Welcome to the maze

Everybody has items that fall off the list.

Everybody has items that suddenly show up on the list.

Everybody has prospects that look oh so good, feel oh so good, seem to be oh so good, and never buy as a customer or perform as an employee.

Everybody has shit that comes up out of nowhere.

Everybody has good days.

Everybody has bad days.

Everybody has that day that hits on all cylinders, with incredible success and monumental growth…

… and everybody has those days that nearly destroy you.

In the end, we’re far more similar than different. We all want success, confidence, happiness, security, and growth. 

Welcome to the maze of life. Maybe the secret to success is not to be a faster mouse, or a louder mouse, or a bigger mouse. Maybe the key is to be the mouse that shows people how to navigate the maze. Then speed, volume, and size don’t matter so much.


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