Wine Travel Courses

Wine Travel Courses

Wine comes from beautiful places that are full of amazing people and great restaurants. It’s no wonder that wine tourism is a multi-billion dollar business.

But going to a wine region without education or a plan can result is wasted time and lost opportunities.

The Libation Coach wine travel courses will solve that. Each course is a deep dive into a specific region, breaking down the grape varieties, terroir, culture, wines, and more. You’ll finish fully prepped to get the most out of your hard earned vacation. 

Check out the sample lessons available with each course to get a taste of what we offer.

“Jason’s outline of Sonoma County is what made our trip. Without this knowledge we would have never experienced particular drives and pockets that tourists don’t know about. The course was also a timesaver, keeping us geographically focused during our five day adventure instead of pin balling all around the place. Thank you!” 

– Mary E, Minneapolis MN

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Ala Carte wine-travel specific courses from Libation Coach! Get the insider’s info on a region’s geography, history, grape varieties, cities and towns, and much more. A small investment in our course will pay back tenfold in being more organized and having a great trip.

All courses are highly valuable for anyone traveling to particular wine regions, and our general Advice, Hints, and Tips course is phenomenal for anyone traveling to a wine regions. Check out the details with each course!