Tools vs. Skills part two (appearance and smoking)

In yesterday’s post I wrote the following:

The most common myth: it’s someone’s physical attractiveness that makes them successful in sales. (The proof? I succeeded big time in sales.) How people look and/or handle themselves is a tool, not a skill. It is a tool to be conscious of for sure, but it’s not the sole reason for their success.

Tools vs. Skills

Let me clarify a bit.

Confidence is a big plus in sales. If you walk into a room for a meeting with the shoulders back, chin up, smile on your face, and a firm handshake then you’ll succeed far more than shoulders down, looking down, frown on your face, and weak handshake.

And none of what I just noted has anything to do with physical attractiveness. Confidence can be presented by anyone, regardless of how they look.

But a confident person can also be unattractive in pretty important ways.

Here’s the truth. And it’s a bit raw.

If you smoke, you smell horrible. Those that don’t smoke pick up on your aroma from ten feet away. Your co-workers and your customers are too nice to say anything. Your managers might want to say something but don’t know how to approach the subject.

You stink. It’s a problem. It’s associated with you as an individual.

If you live in a state where weed is legal, and you partake occasionally during the day, you smell even worse. It gets in your clothes and your hair. Those not familiar with the smell of weed simply think you have a major body odor problem.

Both are addictive substances and both have major physical and mental downsides. If you needed another reason to get some help and to quit, here you go.

In the meantime, take this seriously. Try to curb your smoking to only after work. Use some air freshener. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash.

Seriously, if you smoke your reek and it’s impacting your health and your sales success in major ways.

Sorry about writing the truth.

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