The three types of vacation time

Vacation time is something more and more important as you have deeper commitments in the world, especially if you work in a creative industry or in sales. The battery recharge truly helps your performance when you return.

But it does beg the question: what does “vacation time” mean?

To me there are three types of vacations:

  1. The kinda sorta getaway. Your phone is on. Maybe you have your laptop with you. Depending on who calls you may answer (and more often than not you do). Emails and voicemails are checked regularly even if they are not responded to.
  2. The serious getaway. The phone is off but in your luggage or pocket. The laptop might stay home. Even though you click the phone on every couple of days you actively avoid responding to anything.
  3. The unplug. No electronic devices, no contact with the ‘normal world’ of digital communication. A digital detox.

Each has their benefits. Each has their problems. The key is know what kind of vacation you are going to have and why.

Don’t hesitate to take time off for the right reasons.

I’m off for some kinda sorta getaway time plus a bit of an unplug. Talk to you after Labor Day!

– Jason

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