The slow build to the big payoff

It’s February, so here’s a little challenge for everybody:

What wine or wines can you place in a shop, or on a list, in front of customers right now, which you might hope to sell two bottles a week? Maybe three on a good week.

Not a big seller. Nothing that will set the spreadsheet on fire. But something consistent enough to dependably generate two bottles a week of sales and occasionally three (for the sake of this exercise, we’ll say 2.3 bottles average).

2.3 bottles times all the weeks left in the year = nine cases of wine. That’s not a small pile, that’s a pretty big pile. Nine cases!

The key … place it, keep it there, and keep trickling it out. There are wines out there that will do that. Do you know which ones they are? Hint: this is a great reason to sell Port and Madeira. 

Some wines simply sell better than others. Quantity can’t always be the goal. 50% of all wine will always sell less than the other half. Find the one that will trickle out slowly but dependably, and place them NOW, while there is still much of the year ahead.

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