The race to the middle tells you nothing

The explosion of personal wine tracking apps such as Vivino and Delectable have enabled the average consumer to have a quick and easy way to track and catalog what they enjoy. Those apps serve that function very well, both of them.

But the problem comes when you, as a wine marketer (and being in the business we are all wine marketers) tries to glean data from the use of these apps.

When a product such as wine (with some big brands and big players) combines with the opinions of the public, you have a race to the middle.

For each person that loves a wine, others hate it.

For each person that buys brand A, others buy brand B.

It becomes a race to predictable and boring middle.

An average score or a number of stars shows you nothing about what led people to that wine.

Why did they decide to buy that particular wine? 

It’s that question is where energy and time should be spent.

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