The Little Things

… the way the server picked the dirty knife off your plate, set it down, and took the plate away instead of just giving you a new knife.

… the way the manager was being mean to the bartender.

… the way the sales rep that just walked in interrupted your meeting “just for a second.”

… the time some wine was spilled on you but not acknowledged.

… the time you got sat at the worst table in the room, while others were available.

… the time the wine you wanted was out of stock, but no suggestion was made of what to buy next.

… the offer for (only) a free dessert when something was seriously wrong with the entree.

The Little Things are not so little. Be on the look out for The Little Things around you and in your business, make sure they are corrected, and make sure expectations are raised.

It’s the only way to make sure The Little Things are seen for what they are: Very Big Things.

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