The choice to complain

Private complaining and grumbling about accounts and your sales life, to friends or significant others, is part of a salesperson’s life. We all have to unpack a bit at the end of a tough day. It’s life. It’s normal. We all do it.

Don’t worry too much about your daily or weekly grumbling about small things and occasional missteps.

But do pay attention to it. If an account is only defined by the negative, only discussed in unhealthy terms, and bringing angst and tension to your life, don’t forget a very important thing: it’s your choice to keep calling on them.

It’s also your choice to complain, and it’s also your opportunity to make decisions that lead to a healthier sales life.

No matter who you work for, no matter what account and territory structure you have, you can choose to not interact as much with the negative forces of the world.

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