Tell and Show

When we are young, we have Show and Tell in elementary school.

Then we grow up and become wine sales reps. And we continue our version of Show and Tell.

We pop the cork, we show the wine, then we tell.

Flip it around. Tell and Show. It works better that way. Tell your customer about the wine (briefly), try to tie within the context how this wine will solve a problem (you’re lacking this style of wine by the glass, you have zero Oregon Chardonnays on your shelf, your customers seek high scores and this just got 94 points), and build some anticipation.

Then show.

Hint: this trick often makes the wine magically taste better.

Sidenote: Why does Show and Tell stop after elementary school? What an amazing way to collaborate, learn, gain insight, and build humanity amongst classmates. We could use a return of Show and Tell at all grade levels. The things everybody would learn about each other! Hmmm… maybe that would be a good use of wine wholesaler meeting time. Not every week, of course, but maybe a quarterly show and tell day where it’s more about learning about your co-workers rather than looking at spreadsheets.

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