Surprise the people you see the most

We are all stuck in a rut, because the rut is predictable and comfortable. Same type of clothes everyday. Same shoes. Same attitude. Same jokes (or at least themes of jokes … that one person always tells bad jokes, another only off-color jokes, another long-format jokes).

For wholesale reps and winery reps, there is comfort in doing the same thing for the same audience, especially if you get results.

You walk in, say hi to the buyer, how was your week?, how are the kids?, here’s what you’re out of, here’s what’s on deal, see ya next week, bye!

Challenge yourself to change …  just a bit.

Buy a new, loud, bright belt. A thrift shop sport coat. Shoes that are very much not you. Learn jokes that are out of the norm for your style. Bring a takeaway sheet of cool info and suggestions for things. Mix up your presentation. Start with what you aim to sell, then move into stock that they need, or vice-versa. See customers on a different day of the week. Bring fresh energy.

Want to really get their attention? I’ll tell you the greatest trick of them all tomorrow.

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