Sometimes, there is no answer

“How can we sell more expensive wine to more retailers?”

“How do we break into the hot new restaurant?”

“How can I make my sales reps more efficient and responsive?”

“How can we get more market share in this increasingly tight and competitive wine scene?”

There is no answer to these questions.

If there were answers to such pointed questions, we would all be millionaires.

The problem with questions such as these is the specific nature of the request. Far better to step back a bit, look at a longer and wider view, and simply ask “How can we be better today at what we do?”

So in some ways, the millimeter by millimeter incremental growth through simply being better is the answer to all questions. So I take back the title of this post … there actually is an answer. Just not an easy one like most people want to hear.

How can you be better today at what you do? My guess is you already know the answers.

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