Say it often, say it over and over, then say it again

We’re seeing accumulative negative marketing in the current political season. Because of social media, the more something get said, and the more people hear it, the more it becomes ingrained in the messaging, the more it’s repeated, and the more it’s paid attention to.

Sadly, many of the things being bantered about are lies and they are negative. The messages are pulling people down, but at the same time getting people excited (which is why negative advertising works … it’s about engagement, not messaging).

But there’s an important lesson here: What if you said the same thing over and over, then said it again and again … but what if it was true. And most importantly, what if it was positive?

Words do matter, as much as some politicians want us to believe otherwise. 

Use your words carefully, find a good message, and say it often. Say it over and over. Then say it again.

If it’s true, and if it’s positive, people will never get tried of hearing it. 

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