Once it’s gone, it’s gone

There is only one thing you can’t replace in your life. Only one thing that gets spent continuously and no app, innovation, planning, savings, or checkbook can bring it back.

And that’s yesterday. Time spent.

Once time is gone, it’s gone. What happened yesterday can’t be changed. The only things that can change are today and tomorrow and the future.

The goal of efficiencies is to find ways to grab more time, to rig the future to its ultimate potential.

A great restaurant owner knows this because they are diligent in knowing when the sales happen, what can be improved, and what to target to get maximum return on investment. In the low margin business of running a restaurant, you have to watch every penny, and that means every minute as well, and tweak the machine to run at optimum speed, always thinking forward instead of backward. If you are a wine wholesale rep these are they types of restaurants you want to work more with.

A great wine shop owner knows this because they instill a sense of control and rigor to meeting with their sales reps, scheduling appointments and not allowing the casual drop in to constantly interrupt them. They also instill it in their team by having specific things that can be worked on during the time between customers walking in the shop, rather than just standing around waiting. If you are a wine wholesale rep, these are they types of retailers to focus on.

A great wine wholesale rep knows this because they don’t allow time vampires to dictate their schedule. Customers that force reps to wait in line to meet them. Customers that make them drive across town to pick up a check. Customers that don’t follow through on what they said they would order. A great wine wholesale rep tracks not only sales but the personality types of their customers and focuses on the ones looking forward instead of reacting backwards.

What happened yesterday is done. Gone forever. Poof.

What are you doing today?

What are you doing tomorrow?

What would happen if you focused on this idea for the next twelve months?

The easiest way to work toward the goal of using your future time wisely? Start writing things down.

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