Never leave an unopened bottle

Wholesale wine reps often make a big mistake, usually at the end of the day or with the excuse of ‘being too busy’ or ‘I’m just trying to be efficient.”

They leave an unopened bottle with a customer, saying “check it out when you can … it’s awesome.”

This doesn’t work. This isn’t selling, it’s giving. If you’re trying to sell the wine, you should always pop the bottle.

By doing so, a good sales rep is in control of the situation. If you just give it away, you give away control, direction, discussion, and insight. You release both the steering wheel and the gas pedal.

Always, always, always pop the bottle.

It encourages the back and forth discussion. It makes the conversation happen. It allows you to bring your influence to the situation, and that is what selling is all about.

Pop it! Why not?

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