More is not the answer

Don’t fall into the trap that more is better.

More accounts means more time pressure to see them all and do a good job.

More products to sell in your portfolio means more pressure to sell the whole range, which is difficult because there are only so many minutes in a sales call.

Calling on two more accounts a day isn’t realistic unless you want to work ten hour days.

When “more” is the goal, the opposing weight is almost always time. And time is the one thing we don’t get extra of. It’s impossible to have more than 168 hours in a week, more than 24 hours in a day.

More is not better. Better is better.

Seek out better customers.

Seek out a better portfolio to represent.

Seek out a decision to see account A instead of account B, and figure out why you made that decision (because it’s better for you).

Eliminate, hone, focus, plan, and strategize. Don’t bumble, hope, rush, and pray for the best.

You own your time. Seek better instead of more.

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