Monday Challenge: Your best customers

Welcome to the Monday Challenge! This week: Your best customers.

Who are they, and why are they the best customers? This has nothing (or at least little) to do with money and sales. That’s the easy way out of the challenge.

Rather, take ten minutes today to figure out who your best customers are. Base it on emotional responses, trust, joy, happiness, a specific rush that you get when you work with them. Whatever metrics you want to throw in there is fine (maybe they are as regular with their support of you as can be, maybe they did you a big favor, maybe they are simply efficient in their business while others are not). The main thing is to not base it solely on sales.

Got your list? Excellent!

Now, tell them they are on that list and why. It doesn’t have to be sappy or awkward, but when you see them this week tell them you’ve singled out a handful of your favorite customers to work extra hard for, and between now and the end of the year is going to be a blast. A handshake or a hug will seal the deal.

Why do this? We are on the cusp of the busiest season of the year. Your customers have lots of choices, but you want to help make sure they choose you first. Pretty simple, really.

But you have to tell them. That’s the key.

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