Monday Challenge: Take care of number one (YOU!)

Every Monday I throw out a challenge to readers, something that is timely and of the moment, and pushes people in certain directions.

This week: Take care of number one.

This is the crunch time. It’s when business is really cranking. Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is around the corner, people are getting that frantic look in their eye. The pace quickens, the immediacy becomes palpable, and you might even have managers putting weight on you to hit numbers or make placements or sales.

It can be overwhelming.

Very, very overwhelming.

And here is the antidote:

  1. Schedule time at the gym. Working out always helps. There is no downside to a bit of time on the elliptical machine. Get the blood moving, sweat a bit, and reward yourself with a soak in the hot tub. One hour at the gym two or three times a week is not going to slow down your career. In fact, it will help you speed it up by clearing your head.
  2. Twice this week, turn off the phone for a half hour and go for a walk. If you’re a sales rep, do it during working hours. Two batches of 30 minutes of release is not going to slow down your career. In fact, you’ll do better because your head will be clear.
  3. Lay off the wine and other alcoholic drinks. Slow down the intake or cut it out entirely. Now is a good time to cleanse the system, to stay sharp and focused. Don’t drag yourself into a nightly puddle with the excuse “that day was soooo tough!” Hydrate. Lots of water. Have a fruit smoothie. Sleep well.
  4. Most importantly … find time to be with your friends and family. Get out of work mode at regular intervals. Put away the phone at the end of the evening. Focus on the important and the present. Look forward to achieving your goals, but not at the expense of your relationships.

This time of year is tough for many. Don’t make it tougher on yourself. Focus on number one, you, and put your health and happiness ahead of everything. If you do that, success at your job will fall in to place. Guaranteed.

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