Monday Challenge: Sense of Place

Every Monday I throw out an idea to challenge the readers. This week: Sense of Place.

Pick a personal favorite wine region. Google that region with the words “wine map” and get a high quality image or two of the area.

Then go the Wikipedia page for the main village or town in the region. Learn about the area and the history. Learn what the traditional foods of the area are, or what the main industries have been in the past. Just cool facts.

Then search for data and numbers about your favorite wine region. Learn something new. Learn something you’ve never heard before about the area (for instance: did you know how big the Christmas tree production industry is in Willamette Valley?)

Mock it up into a nice little packet. Then print it. Then take it out.

Without showing a wine from the region, do a ten minute class with your customers or staff on the region. Leave the packet behind. You are giving knowledge, and since you’re not showing a wine you’re not selling. You are building. Building your reputation.

Trust me, this works wonders in the future.

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