Monday Challenge: One Sentence

Every Monday I throw out a challenge to readers. Something to put you into a slightly uncomfortable place, to push you to grow and thus get closer to being spectacular at what you do.

This week: the challenge of One Sentence.

The idea is that anything that takes too long to explain will quickly become grey mass to those that are listening. The idea is that is that everything you talk about, sell, represent, stand for, and promote has to come down to one sentence with a hook for the listener.

This is not easy work. But take this week and put pen to paper. Take the time to answer the following with one great sentence:

What makes the company you work for special?

What do you represent to the wine world?

Why should I buy this particular wine?

Why should I support your portfolio over all other?

And on, and on, and on.

The goal is brevity, to be clear and on point. “I think this represents a truly amazing value” is far better than eight sentences of aroma descriptions.

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