Monday Challenge: Have you fallen off the track?

Every Monday I send out a Monday Challenge.

This week: stay on target, set your goals, and recognize when you are off the track (while making a plan to get back on track and on target).

One example of being off the track? Sending a “Monday Challenge” on Tuesday morning, like I’m doing now.

Goal setting and personal accountability are not easy things, and like a martial art they are impossible to master (unless you are this guy).

There is no top prize, there is no PhD in being organized and on target, there is no grand public recognition.

The only way to know if you are on the right track and constantly doing what has to get done to achieve your goals is to plot them out, track your progress, and stay focused every single day. Recognizing early on when you are missing your personal targets is the best way to progress forward, but if you do not have those targets to begin with then how will you truly know if you’re achieving?

Sending a Monday Challenge out on a Tuesday is not the end of the world. But it is a sign to myself that I need to refocus, plan better, and try to not make the same mistake again.

When is the last time you felt a bit off the rails? And what are you doing to get back on the right path to achieve your goals?


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