Monday challenge: Do your performance review for the whole year, now

Every Monday I throw down a little challenge for readers, something to knock people off the daily predictable grind. This week: write your 2017 performance review, but do it today, 50 weeks before the end of the year.

This exercise will take all of ten minutes if you’re a fast typer, maybe 20 minutes if you do it by hand. It’s not meant to be full of deep thoughts or analysis. You really don’t need to put much energy into this, but the key is to do it and keep it on hand or in reach for the rest of the year.

You’ll also share it with nobody. It’s for your eyes only. And it can change how the rest of the year goes.

Do your 2017 performance review, but do it now. Include the goals you’re going to reach by the end of the year, the accounts you are going to open, maybe some personal goals as well. Put today’s date on top followed by “2017 Performance Review via the Crystal Ball” and start writing.

The most fun part? Write it in the third person. “Jason, you did a great job in 2017. The three things I’m most impressed by are … and you should continue to work on … and looking into 2018 something to think about will be …” Just have fun with it.

This is a keen exercise in seed planting. A good format to lay out the bigger picture and help your brain stay focused on the long game rather than the reactionary day to day junk. It’s a wonderful tool when it comes to a little push to get you back on track as the months go by.

But you’ll never know its effectiveness unless you do it. Set aside just a wee bit of time today to help make the year even better.


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