Little nudges vs. big changes

A baseball manager walking to the pitcher’s mound for a little conversation is looking for a little nudge. Don’t try so hard, try harder, focus more, stop focusing so much, you can do this, don’t forget what the plan is.

A baseball manager walking to the mound to substitute out a pitcher is making a big change. A whole shift in the game, making for a different trajectory for the remaining innings.

Some of your accounts call for a little nudge from you. A different day and time to meet. A better understanding of the French section in the shop. Simply more attention being paid, through one staff training per month. Some tech sheets on the by the glass wines. More clarity during sales meetings about goals and objectives, instead of just popping bottles and talking. An occasional meeting with your sales manager at the table to solidify commitment and connection.

Little tweaks to the sales strategy that may help grow the business in clear and easy ways.

But some accounts call for a big change. The main example being a new sales rep. Maybe not for the reasons you assume (business is down) but instead just for new energy and fresh ideas. Or a big change can be in approaching the owner rather than the manager, offering bigger deals and larger commitments. Or a big change can be deciding to see a failing account every four weeks instead of every week.

When shaping a sales strategy don’t mistake little nudges for big changes.

And definitely, don’t mistake big changes for little nudges.

Know what kind of change you are trying to make.

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