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Wine in context: external influences and our wine enjoyment

This is, hands down, one of my favorite subjects.

How does situation and context change the impact of a wine? Wine does not live in a vacuum, and it’s a different experience for everyone. This is why I’m wary of wine ratings. Yes, the wine magazines and their ratings can give you a sense of what is new, awesome, neat, or to be avoided, but it still doesn’t tell you if you going to like a wine or not.

More links for learning

Be sure to check out these articles. Lots to absorb here.

All of this ties into some of my main advice for wine consumers: find producers you like, via wine shops you trust, and stick with both.

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Vineyard: Wine Critics Matter, and Here’s Why (note I disagree with much of this article, but it’s well written and a good counter-weight to some of my opinions.)

New Yorker: What we really taste when we drink wine (one of the best wine articles, ever)

QZ.com: The ingenious tricks that will make your wine taste like liquid gold

The Guardian: Wine Tasting is Junk Science (controversial to say the least … and a fascinating article)

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