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Mâcon-Villages, Viré-Clessé

Welcome to the home of bargain White Burgundy!

As explained in the video, Mâcon-Villages is one of the classic go-to wines for bang for the buck Burgundy drinking. Coming from any of 84 different villages, it’s an amalgamation that is often even less expensive that wines simply labeled “Bourgogne.” This creates an interesting situation: some producers take their Mâcon-Villages wine and basically downgrade the grapes into generic Bourgogne in order to charge just a bit more money.

Mâcon + the name of a village is where some serious bargains can be had. Over two dozen towns are part of this group, and if you come across them in a store we suggest picking one up. The wine featured in the video as one of our favorites is from Daniel and Julien Barraud, who also make top level Pouilly-Fuisse.

The relatively new region of Viré-Clessé is another great find. It is here the famous limestone pops back up, and makes wines with texture and richness (this is a warmer area than the Côte d’Or) but with minerality and acidity thanks to the soil. It’s under the radar for many wine drinkers.

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