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Pouilly-Fuissé, Pouilly-Vinzelles, and St. Veran

We’ve reached the southern point of our journey!

This is one of my favorite regions, and it is here where the hills dramatically pop up, the villages are tucked away in the valleys, and great Chardonnay is poured by the gallons at wine bars.

It’s a neat area.

The key takeaway in the video is the abundance of quality to be found here, combined with what the key differences are between the Pouillys and St. Veran, Mâcon, and Mâcon-Villages.

More links for lots of learning

New York Times (paid): The Mâconaisse, Poised for Rediscovery (2012)

St. Veran

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Vins de Bourgognes: Overview of St. Veran, plus downloadable PDF with map


Wine Searcher: Pouilly-Fuissé (with a photo of the famous landmark “Le Roche de Solutrae”)

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Wikipedia: Pouilly-Fuissé (go to the “in popular culture” listing to have a laugh!)


Wine Searcher: Pouilly-Vinzelles

Vins de Bourgognes: Overview of Pouilly-Vinzelles, plus downloadable PDF with map

Pouilly-Loche (harder to find than Pouilly-Fuisse, but stunning wines overall)

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Overview: comparing all the Pouilly villages and their wines