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Shades of Green: Sulfites, Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan

Five super important terms to understand.

Questions about sulfites come up often, and as covered in the video there is no reason for 99.999% of the population to fear them.

Sustainable, organic, and biodynamic refer to farming systems. Each has its own definitions, some have legal designation, all are important to understand.

And finally, vegan! Huh? Vegan wine? That’s a thing? Yep.

More links for further learning

Don’t fear the sulfites! Here’s the truth, and here’s the science.

Sustainable farming can have many definitions, varying from California and Oregon to South Africa. In France many producers practice what they call “reasoned farming.” Some producers even go off and invent their own farming systems for their own reasons.

Organic wine” is very different from “Made with organic grapes.”

Biodynamic farming and biodynamic wine is full of controversy and interesting characters. Here are three good articles: 1, 2, 3.

And lastly, aren’t all wines vegan?