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Rully, Mercurey, Givry, Montagny

This is an important stretch of Burgundy to get to know, for here is where you’ll find some real values and hidden gems.

Because it’s off the beaten path for Burgundy tourism, and because the region has a mix of agriculture, and because of the fragmentation that is harder to memorize than the ‘sweep’ of the Côte d’Or, this area is often overlook except by those in the know.

I want you to be one of those in the know.

More links and learning, village-by-village


Mostly white wines, often with higher acidity and bright tones (which can be attributed to the elevation of the region). There are red wines from Rully, but they are rare, and as explained in the video they are a bit of a different beast. As long as you know what you’re getting into, though, and by pairing with the right dish, they can be great fun.

Wine Searcher: Rully

Vins de Bourgogne: overview of Rully, plus downloadable PDF with map


The most prolific of all the Côte Chalonnaise AOCs, and a region that makes for exceptional wines for the money. Here we are shifting back to predominantly red wine country, with wines that can offer the smell-of-the-earth aromas that many people love in their Burgundies (including me).

Wine Searcher: Mercurey

Burgundy Report: Mercurey (which points out the interesting law that allows up to 10% Pinot Blanc in the whites of the area)

Vins de Bourgogne: overview of Mercurey, plus downloadable PDF with map


Wine Searcher: Givry

Burgundy Report: Givry (follow the link for ‘some of the gates of Givry’ … pretty cool)

Vins de Bourgogne: overview of Givry (be sure to check out the video with Veronique Drouhin), plus downloadable PDF with map


100% white wines, and what great white wines these are! The best compete with the glorious village level wines of the Côte de Beaune (and with the right producer at the right vintage, even the Premier and Grand Crus!). This is an exceptional region for bang for the buck wines.

Wine Searcher: Montagny

Vins de Bourgogne: overview of Montagny, plus downloadable PDF with map