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Recioto: Soave, Valpolicella, and Gambellara

Recioto wines are wines produced by air drying the grapes.

So Amarone is technically a recioto, but is not really part of the “recioto club” so to speak. As explained in the video, a wine labeled as recioto is going to be a sweet wine usually with lower alcohol (whereas an Amarone is fermented as far as the yeast will go, usually around 16-17% alcohol).

Wine Searcher does a great job of breaking down all these Recioto regions (which have their own DOCs and DOCGs … follow the links in their article). As mentioned by them, with the ease of selling the dry regular wines of the region, there is little economic drive to produce Recioto, thus it’s a rarity unless you are traveling in the area.

Here are some photos of Nicolas Dal Maso in Gambellara showing off the dried grapes for his Recioto della Gambellara (which is the bottle I show off in the video). These photos were taken in March, so the grapes had been drying for almost six months!