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Quick overview: The Mâconnais

This is our final stop in the north-to-south run that began in Dijon!

The Mâcon is a special region, especially for Chardonnays that we can truly call bargains. And there are particular spots and pockets that honestly produce some of the better wines of all of Burgundy.

There is much to learn about this area, which unfortunately tends to be bundled into assumptions by many wine professionals. A little bit of unpacking and comparing the sub-regions will show you the truth! Time to explore the Mâcon.

Links for general info on the bigger region (before we get into the village detail)

Winesearcher: Mâcon

Vins de Bourgognes: Mâcon overview, and downloadable PDF with map

More Mâcon map sources:
Wine Scholar Guild
Bourgognes Macon map download PDF