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Project: the food and wine of Friuli

For the project to wrap up Friuli, the instructions are simple: find a recipe to make, and pop a bottle of Friulian wine to go with it. You can be more elaborate if you wish: watch a movie made in the area, or listen to a radio station live from Friuli while you eat and drink.

The goal is to see that the wines of Friuli are shaped by their surroundings … the do not exist in a wine vacuum. This is incredibly important to understand and appreciate when it comes to these amazing wines.

Congrats on finishing the wines of Friuli!

Jason and Angela

Sources for recipes for Friulian dishes

La Cucina Italiana: Friuli

Rustico Cooking: Friuli (the pork dish looks particularly good)

Frico Friulano – the classic potatoes and cheese dish of the region

https://www.the-pasta-project.com/friuli-venezia-giulia/The Pasta Project: Foods of Friuli (lots of good links within here, and it does a great job of showing the bridging between Slavic flavors and regional Northern Italy flavors)