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The best wines of Piedmont are considered by many wine lovers to be some of the best wines of the world. These are the gems of Barolo and Barbaresco. But there are others made in this spectacular area as well, especially from Dolcetto and Barbera.

Map resources for Piedmont

Wine Folly: The Wines of Piedmont, Italy (with maps)

Society of Wine Educators: Piedmont wine map

And here’s a map that was put out year ago by an importer named Kobrand, but I can’t find the original source on their website anymore. So I’m dropping it here, but note that it’s from them. (I like this map a lot because it shows where Alba is in relation to small Barbaresco and bigger Barolo.)

The grape varieties

Winesearcher: Dolcetto

Winesearcher: Barbera

Winesearcher: Nebbiolo

More links for learning

Wine Enthusiast: A Beginner’s Guide to the Wines of Piedmont

Winesearcher: Piedmont

Wine Folly: The Difference Between Barolo and Barbaresco

Decanter: Barolo and Barbaresco: Myth and Reality

And one of my favorite wine videos, put out by the Guild of Sommeliers, showing the difference in styles of Barolo and Barbaresco.