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Overview of Veneto geography and history

Links for good maps:

Orange Smile: Hi Res Download Map of the Veneto (great map for towns, rivers, and highways)

Free World Maps: Physical Map of the Veneto

A great map for your wall: VinMaps – Wine of Ages, Veneto

Wine Wit and Wisdom: Wine map of Veneto

Amarone Tours (friends of ours … highly recommended!): Wine map of Veneto (simple but good)

Links to learn more of the history of the Veneto:

Wikipedia: History of Republic of Venice

Wikipedia: Veneto

Veneto Inside: Veneto History (concise summary)

Unesco: City of Vincenza and influence of Palladian architecture

Inspiriock: Historical Places in Veneto (fun list)

Links to our favorite places in Venice:

Culture Trip: The Ten Most Atmospheric Bars in Venice

Al Volto: The oldest wine bar in Venice

My favorite restaurant in Venice: Osteria al Portego (simple, affordable, and classic)

My favorite wine bar in Venice: Osteria alla’Alba

A must visit: The Rialto Fish Market

My favorite late night pizza place in Venice: Pizzeria Napulè, near the University (packed with students every night)