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Overview of Veneto cuisine

The foods of the Veneto change dramatically from Venice to Verona. It’s all about where you find yourself at a given moment.

One of the best things about eating in Venice is the culture of Cicchetti, the small bites you enjoy and you wander from bar to bar.

Eataly: The Food Lover’s Guide to Veneto

Foods of Venice

Par Taste: Cicchetti, A look at Venetian-style Tapas

Rick Steves: Crawling Through Venice’s Cicchetti Pubs (this outlines how affordable Venice can be if you’re willing to eat like a local at night, standing up at bars while juggling a glass of wine. Also, as an early eater I like the fact that Cicchetti bars start serving around 6pm).

The Roman Guy: Five Traditional Foods You Can Only Try in Venice

Foods of Verona

Italy XP: The Best Dishes to Eat in Verona (you may want to skip, like I did, the traditional horse meat stew)

2 Food Trippers: Verona Food and Restaurant guide (very accurate and comprehensive)