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Overview of Trentino-Alto Adige geography

There are few wine regions more beautiful than Trentino-Alto Adige.

The defining characteristic of the geography in terms of the wines is the alpine climate combined with the granitic soils, making for screamingly crisp whites and reds that hold up perfectly with the richer foods of the areas.

Map from Wikivoyage. Note “South Tyrol” = Alto Adige

Starting at Verona to the south, as you move north you get into the start of the mountains, which grow taller and taller the further north you go, as well as the valleys becoming deeper and more pronounced.

Grapevines in Trento, Italy. Photo from Wikimedia commons.

Traveling north out of Verona, you see the snow capped mountains to the north. Then all of the sudden as you get into Alto Adige, the cliffs appear on your right and left. The highway, the river, and the train tracks are all in the valley along with apple orchards.

Vineyards in Alto Adige. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Stunningly beautiful!
Alto Adige vineyards. Photo: Wikimedia commons.

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