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Overview of Slovenian wine

Slovenia is fast becoming the first of the post-communist countries to rebound their wine industry in a big way. Because of the geography, with the Alps dipping into central Slovenia, you can easily split Slovenian wine into three geographies (as you’ll see on the map links below).

This is a quickly developing country in terms of modern wine, and you can expect to see more and more Slovenian wines hitting the shelves at cool wine shops in the next ten years.

Because of the process of importation, and the vetting process it involves (importer – distributor – retailer – consumer), I’ve found in general above average wines in this category compared to other parts of Europe. It’s a fascinating country to not only taste wines from, but to visit as well. Highly recommended.

Map resources

Think Slovenia: Good map and outline of the three main regions

Slovenia Estates: Slovenian Wine Regions

More good links

Wine Searcher: Slovenia

Wikipedia: Slovenian Wine

Wine Spectator: The Next Great Wine Country? Might be Slovenia

Musement Blog: 7 of the Best Slovenia Wine Regions (great photos)

NY Times (possible paywall): Slovenia’s Vineyards Rebound (good article from 2013 … shows how far Slovenia has come since then!)

From The NY Times article: “Eastern Europe is home to an ancient wine culture, though it’s not always obvious from the wines today. Just as Prohibition largely severed the modern American industry from its nascent origins, Communism separated countries from centuries of winemaking traditions. The post-Communist rejuvenation of these traditions, and their adaptation to the modern world, are among the most exciting stories in wine today.” – Eric Asimov

Western, bordering Italy (Primorska)

Quentin Sladler: Wine Without Borders – Travels in Slovenia and Friuli (really great info on the borderlands between Slovenia and Italy, and the grape varieties grown in both)

The Wine Beat: Primorska – Slovenia’s Wine Heaven (with more good links on Slovenian wines and regions)

Southeastern, bordering Croatia (Prosavska)

Wine Tourism: Prosavska Wine Region

Northeastern, bordering Austria (Podravska)

Wine Tourism: Podravska Wine Region

Winesearcher: Podravje Wine Region