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Overview of Campus Club cocktails Fall 2023-Winter 2024: how to explain them to customers

This video is broken into chapters with Connor Green explaining the basics of each cocktail, the flavor profile, and the terms you can use to describe it to the customer.

There is a ton of great info here, so be sure to take notes as you watch.

One of the most important things is to know the general category a cocktail falls into, and/or the most well known cocktail that it is emulating.


Campus Club Old Fashioned

  • ” Our house Old Fashioned, featuring locally made J. Carver Bourbon and Rye Whiskey with an addition of amaro to add a layer of bitterness and balance and a touch of rich demerara to round out the cocktail.”

Sweat Weather

  • “A robust, floral, and herbaceous gin sour with rosemary syrup that ties in notes of early grey tea and a balancing dose of lemon juice”

Scandy Sour

  • “A bright and spicey take on an aquavit sour, with floral elderflower and notes of caraway.”

Ready to Rum

  • “A bold rum punch with funky Jamaican rum brings a unique depth of overripe tropical fruits with splashes of fruity pineapple, apricot, and lime, finished off with a pleasantly sweet and rich almond-based orgeat syrup.”

Winter’s Delight

  • “A spirit-forward take on a classic Manhattan with a bourbon base that blends nicely with complex Amaro delle Sirene, layering in chicory and eucalyptus and a bold, rich walnut liqueur to top it all off.”

Blackberry Sage Smash

  • “Clean potato-based vodka punches the bright and fruity character of blackberry liqueur to the center stage while adding herbaceous sage balances out the sugar character.”

Minnesota Sunset

  • “A multi-layered whiskey sour with bitter yet balanced notes of amaro that remains punchy with accents of lemon and sugar, giving way to a dry red wine float that eventually blends with the cocktail itself.”