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Northern Rhône and Southern Rhône

I’m a certified, card-carrying, Rhône nut. I love these wine dearly.

But as explained in the video, Northern and Southern Rhône are really two different worlds. In the North, you have Syrah-based wines that are meaty, rich, angular, and distinctive. In the South, you have Grenache-based wines that are plush, lush, round, and as friendly as a golden retriever. Both are outstanding but they are very different in style!

Map resources

Cellar Tours: Rhône Wine Map

Society of Wine Educators: Rhône Wine Map

Wine Scholar Guild: Rhône Wine Map (must enter email to download)


The key grapes of the Northern Rhône on WineSearcher: Syrah, Viognier, and Syrah-Viognier blends

Wine Folly: Northern Rhône, the land of French Syrah (a good breakdown of the sub-regions of the Northern Rhône)

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Ridge Vineyards: More info on the co-fermentation of Syrah and Viognier

The Crocodile Farm! https://www.lafermeauxcrocodiles.com/en/


Key red grapes of the Southern Rhône: Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault

I mentioned the long list of grapes allowed for Chateauneuf-du-Pape. More info.

I also mentioned the region of Tavel and the great Rosé wines made there. More info.

Jancis Robinson: Southern Rhône

A little bit on White Rhone wines from Opening a Bottle: https://openingabottle.com/why-drink-white-rhone-blends-its-a-matter-of-percentages/

Food and Wine: Rhône Valley Producers We Love (quite a good list)