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Fortified Wines: Port and Madeira

Portugal is best known for their fortified wines, Port and Madeira.

Port is produced in the Douro Valley (and often finished in a town called Vila Nova di Gaia, which is across the Douro River from Porto), and Madeira only comes from the island of Madeira (400 miles off the coast of Africa).

Both are made in a fortified style, meaning that neutral brandy spirits are added during the winemaking process to stop fermentation while quite a bit of sugar is still present. What happens to the juice after that determines the type/style of wine.

You need to think of Port and Madeira as two very different wines because of the different grapes and winemaking techniques.

This is a tough subject, for there are many styles and layers to learn. Take your time with this, and come back to this lesson often over the course of a year.

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In 2016, we led a group to Portugal and were able to participate in the harvest in the Douro. Here’s a great video our friend Ryan put together on the experience that day:

Madeira Wine

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