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Key wine regions of Austria

There are three key wine regions in Austria: Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) is in the northeast and along the Danube (its tributaries surround Vienna). To the east is Burgenland. To the south lies Steiermark (Styria).

Interestingly, the capital of Vienna is the only capital in the world with a rather significant wine industry within its borders!


Northern section. 60% of Austria’s vineyard land, and eight sub-regions including the very important Wachau.

This is Grüner Veltliner country, and due to the higher latitude it makes for crisp, clean, focused wines that are racy on the palate and bright in style.

Winesearcher: Niederösterreich


Eastern border with Hungary. This is a warmer area, and most of Austria’s red wines come from here. But one thing that also comes from Burgenland are some of the great dessert wines of Austria. These are late harvest styled wines, occasionally influenced by botrytis (Noble Rot), and are some fo the best sparkling wines in the world.

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Southeastern corner bordering Slovenia. Only 10% of Austria’s vineyards are found here. This is a cooler weather pocket, best known for stunning Sauvignon Blancs and other aromatic white wines. These can by dynamic wines, full of verve and power that it almost knocks you out of your chair. Fun stuff!

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