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Key white grapes of the Veneto

When learning about Italian grape varieties, don’t forget that we could go down the deep, dark, endless rabbit hole of different varieties if we wanted to go nuts, being that there are over 2000 different varieties in Italy alone. But the six grapes we talk about here represent 99.99% of Veneto whites you’ll come across in the wine shop and on wine lists.

A feature of Veneto whites, for me, is the ability for the wine to often have body and weight without sacrificing acidity. This is an amazing balancing act, and why many of these wines are some of my favorites in the world for affordable drinking.

As you can tell from the video, the variety I’m most excited about is Garganega. I’ve always been fascinated by it, and the best examples from Soave Classico are some of my go-to wines. (Pra and Inama are two favorites).

Links below lead to general information via Wine Searcher, which has done a better job than anyone on cataloging and organizing grape variety information, plus information on the variety from the Italian Wine Connection (which will tell you the exact regions the grape is allowed), plus (if I found a good one) an article focusing on that grape in this particular region or Italy in general.


Wine Searcher: Glera

Italian Wine Connection: Glera


Wine Searcher: Pinot Grigio

Italian Wine Connection: Pinot Grigio

Vinepair: Learn about Pinot Grigio


Wine Searcher: Chardonnay

Italian Wine Connection: Chardonnay

SAUVIGNON BLANC aka “Sauvignon”

Wine Searcher: Sauvignon Blanc

Italian Wine Connection: Sauvignon Blanc


Wine Searcher: Garganega

Italian Wine Connection: Garganega

VERDICCHIO BIANCO (formerly known as “Trebbiano di Lugana”)

Wine Searcher: Verdicchio Bianco

Italian Wine Connection: Verdicchio