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Key red grapes of the Veneto

The red wines of Veneto can be broken into two categories: Corvina-based wines made with traditional local varieties, and international wines made with Bordeaux varieties.

Those Bordeaux-variety based wines are part of the history of the area … these are not ‘new kid on the block’ winemakers trying to steal the thunder of Napa Valley. Rather, these grapes have found a great home in the warmer pockets of Veneto and where winemakers have the talent to bring out their best qualities.

Each grape variety below has a Wine Searcher link for more information, plus a link to how it relates to Italian wine and the Veneto in particular.


Wine Searcher: Merlot

Wine Words Wisdom: Italy’s Best Merlot Wines


Wine Searcher: Cabernet Sauvignon

Italian Wine Connection: Cabernet Sauvignon


Wine Searcher: Carménere

Italian Wine Connection: Carménerè

The top producer of Italian Carménerè: Stefano Inama (great story of the history of this grape in this region)


Wine Searcher: Corvina

Wikipedia: Corvina

Wine Traveler: Grape Variety – Corvina


Wine Searcher: Rondinella

Wikipedia: Rondinella


Wine Searcher: Molinara

Fratelli Vogadori: The Molinara Grape (pointing out that use of Molinara was required for the Valpolicella blend until 2003, when it became optional)